Local. Honest. Hardworking.

The materials we produce are manufactured on-site, here at Advanced Precast Products in Redmond, Oregon!

Local. Honest. Hardworking.

Septic Tanks
We provide a large variety of septic tanks.The staple of our tank lineup is our 1,000 gallon low-profile tank. Another popular tank is the 1,100 gallon dosing tank. We also have available 1,500 gallon one-compartment, two-compartment and Advantex tanks. Looking for something different? Give us a call, if we don't make it we may be able to order it for you.

Here are the measurements for our most popular tanks:

1,000 Gallon Low Profile: 46" tall, 69" wide, and 129" long. The bottom of the inlet pipe to the bottom of the tank is 35" and the bottom of the outlet pipe to the bottom of the tank is 34".

1,100 Gallon Dosing: 52" tall, 54" wide and 150" long. The bottom of the inlet pipe to the bottom of the tank is 40".

1,500 Gallon One or Two-Compartment: We are currently not manufacturing this tank at our facility, however, we are able to obtain them from another local precast company. Please call us for details regarding these tanks.

We make two different size cisterns, the 1,200 gallon and the 1,900 gallon. We can accommodate custom orders.

Manholes & Drywells
We manufacture our manhole & drywell material to ODOT specifications in standard 48" and also, 60", 72", 84" and 96". We carry a heavy stock of Bases, Sections, Perforated Sections, Cones, Grade Rings, Paving Risers, Flat-Tops, Frames and Covers. We can customize with channeling and scallops and we can core in standard sizes up to 40". We offer several sizes of boots to meet various needs.

We produce various size irrigation boxes which can easily be customized to your specific system.

Catch Basins, Curb Inlets & Ditch Inlets
We can fabricate catch basins, curb inlets and ditch inlets for various commercial and residential uses.

We are authorized by Pacific Power and Central Electric Co-Op to manufacture specific utility vaults. We take pride in adhering to the strict standards set forth by the utility companies that we work with.

Light Pole Bases
We offer several different light pole bases and are able to customize for large and small jobs.

Cattle Guard Bases
We can provide basic standard cattle guard bases.

Retaining Wall Systems
We are a proud licensee for ReCon Retaining Walls. Visit www.reconwalls.com to see this awesome product.


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